Bunny Bags

We saw these floating about Pinterest and thought
we'd give it a try! How sweet are they??

If you're in need of some cute-as gift bags for Easter,
these are pretty perfect to fill with goodies!

You'll Need:

2 x A4 sheets of white felt. 

Sewing Machine or needle.
(We did ours by hand, but these would be sooo
quick to whip up by machine!)

Coloured Thread:
- to sew your bag
(you can do white, but picking a contrast colour is a cute idea!
We picked yellow to go with this gorgeous ribbon we found)

- and for the eyes and nose
- If your kids are making these, instead cut out other
colours in felt for the eyes and nose. 

Ribbon or Cord to tie bag with. 
(Have fun picking out something cute!)

How to:

1. Print out our template below to A4, cutting out shape.

2.Place template on sheet of felt, making sure there is at least
a 5mm gap around the edges. Trace around with a light pencil.
And mark where eyes and nose will be. Do not cut yet.
(use a light pencil as it needs to be easily covered by thread later!)

3. Embroider your eyes and nose! Or, stick on cut out felt shapes. 

4. If you're going for the contrast coloured thread look, sew a line along the top
where the dotted line is marked. Do this on both sheets of felt, separately. 

5. Then line up your two sheets of felt and sew along the lines you have
marked, from one ear all around the bottom to the other ear. 
(Make sure you don't sew up the top, where your dotted line was!)

6. Cut around where you have sewn,
leaving about 5mm gap from thread to the edge. 

7. Fill with goodies, tie ribbon around base of ears and gather so it bunches
to make a sweet face and ears and voila!

Share how you went! #EasteratOllies

Bunny Bag Template
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