Hoo is Ollie

Our owls here at Ollie’s Place are committed to giving your little ones a wardrobe filled with inspiring, playful outfits for every occasion! We spin fairy tales into our fabric, stitch magic into the seams, and find the most captivating designs to cover our pieces with.

With plenty of releases each season, our talented owls constantly breathe life into Ollie’s Place, crafting new pieces to fit in to your family’s unique story. Across our baby and children’s ranges, we have a mixture of classic, timeless designs, and adventurous, colourful pieces. 

There’s nothing more special than a child’s early, inquisitive years, and we love knowing that our designs will be worn to fairy tea parties and dinosaur digging expeditions. We’ve come prepared with rompers, overalls, dresses, separates, and special occasion wear, so that whatever the day brings, your wardrobe will be ready. We hope you love our clothes as much as we do!

Much love, and happy hooting,

Ollie’s Place