Chicky Egg Basket

Chicky Egg Basket

If your minis would love to make their own egg hunting basket,
this is an adorable and easy peasy DIY Project.
Have Fun!

You'll Need

. . .
A paper container of some sort.
(We bought a cardboard cylinder from a craft store, 
but you could use anything you have lying around the 
house as well!)

Yellow felt
(Enough to cover your container, and for a handle and wings)

Orange and Black felt for eyes and beak. 


How To:

. . .
1. Cut a handle from your yellow felt, as long as you
can get from your sheet, about 2-3cm width.

2. Staple it to the inside of each side of your container.

3. Cut a yellow felt piece to size, so it can be
wrapped around and glued to your container. 

4. With the rest of your yellow felt, cut little wings
in your desired shape and glue on each side.

5. Cut a small orange diamond, press or low iron it to fold it in half, 
and stick on your beak!

6. Stick on eyes and you're ready to go egg hunting!

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